Accurate and timely data is the lifeblood of informed decision-making processes. The National Awareness, Attitudes and Usage Study (NAAU) delivers high-confidence qualitative and quantitative public opinion research concerning visitor-serving organizations (VSOs). The delivery of the NAAU enables VSOs to see trends in visitor (and potential visitor) behaviors, beliefs, knowledge, intentions, and perceptions This kind of intelligence helps VSOs to best maintain social relevance and economic stability in an increasingly competitive market. Because NAAU data is gathered over time, the NAAU provides “near real-time” data to help make timely and accurate ongoing decisions, and represents the largest, most comprehensive and inclusive scope of research concerning VSOs heretofore conducted in the United States. The NAAU is drawn from a sample size of 52,000 individuals and the data can be cut in several different ways to provide very specific location and demographic-based information providing individualized insight for VSOs. Click here to see some quick, interesting facts from the study.

In effort to assess the usefulness of the NAAU findings for visitor-serving organizations, NAAU organizers conducted interviews with 35 entities that might benefit from the study. Executive management from various visitor-serving organizations were interviewed, including aquariums, zoos, science centers, botanic gardens, and art, natural history, and children’s museums. Learn more about these End-User Interviews.

The metrics quantified in the NAAU support a broad understanding of who is currently engaging with a VSO’s brand and products. These metrics may include information about who is engaging with exhibits, programming, website, and other related items. Of equal importance, the NAAU findings will support an understanding of who is not currently engaging with a VSO’s brand by identifying the barriers that limit engagement and/or service. The NAAU findings will also suggest the means by which VSOs may help overcome these barriers.

The results of the NAAU study will provide valuable market benchmarking and tracking data for VSOs. This information will help them to measure changes in their respective market’s attitudes over time. Such findings will help measure the efficacy of various operational and programmatic initiatives, as well as critically document causality between marketing strategies, tactics and outcomes.

In sum, The NAAU will enable VSOs to quantify levels and trends in the general public’s behaviors, beliefs, knowledge, intentions and perceptions of their respective organizations (uniquely) and the museum industry as a whole.  The results of the NAAU will form valuable benchmarking and tracking data – findings that IMPACTS will use to measure changes in the public’s attitudes, behaviors and perceptions over time.