End-User Interviews

In effort to assess the usefulness of the NAAU findings for visitor-serving organizations, NAAU organizers conducted interviews with 35 entities that might benefit from the study. Executive management from various visitor-serving organizations were interviewed, including aquariums, zoos, science centers, botanic gardens, and art, natural history, and children’s museums.

The aim of the End-User Interviews was to:

  1. Assess the opportunities/risks/perceived biases associated with certain fiscal sponsors of the project
  2. Test the viability of the project (i.e. “Is this really a good idea? Will the organizations find it valuable? Will they use the information?”)
  3. Improve our understanding of how the organizations would actually use the information
  4. Solicit ideas for how to communicate the findings to a wide-ranging group of organizations (How do we get the information into the hands of the people who need it most?)

Please see the detailed presentation of findings from End-User Interviews, with information regarding size, type, and budget for surveyed institutions and their prospective use of NAAU data.

Through these interviews, organizers found that visitor-serving organizations hoped NAAU data would help their institutions to increase earned revenues, attract more visitors, and provide a better understanding of the market and related threats and opportunities. These items were also identified as the three most important outcomes or deliverables from the NAAU study. The NAAU organizers are currently using information from these End-User Interviews to inform the best methods of delivery of NAAU information.